3 ways Holiday Brands can engage with holidaymakers in 2018

3 ways Holiday Brands can engage with holidaymakers in 2018


With 2018 in full swing and Blue Monday behind us, many people are already scanning the internet for the best ‘Winter Sun’ deals, or planning ahead for their Summer holidays. You can guarantee you maximise your opportunity to attract, retain and delight your customers throughout the year with these simple campaigns;


Holiday Countdown


You may have seen that EasyJet has had huge success with a personalisation campaign run via e-marketing, celebrating their 20th Birthday. EasyJet sent out e-mails to customers that collated their purchase histories into unique timelines, and found that as well as a dramatic increase in click through rate (100% increase!) they also had an uplift in positive sentiment online, with customers talking about their e-mails on social media. Commercially, they also saw an increase in purchases, with 7.5% of EasyJet customers who received the fully personalised e-mail going on to make a booking in the next 30 days.


Brands could incorporate this same kind of hugely successful personalisation into standard customer communications. For example, to attract repeat business, personalised reminder videos could be sent to customers about their last holiday – pointing out that “this time last year, you were away!”.


Alternatively, for current customers, people could be sent  links to their own ‘Holiday Countdown’ landing pages, with countdown timers and personalised videos all about their holiday destination for them to share with their social media friends in anticipation!



Personalised Trip Recommendations


Connecting with your customers digitally whilst they’re on holiday isn’t always easy – but what if you were offering them unique, personalised recommendations for their trip?


Pizza Express has seen that “call to action” prompts in restaurants encouraged 7% of all customers over 1 month to visit their Facebook page and interact with the brand on Messenger (Shake The Tree campaign). One useful idea for the travel industry could be a Messenger bot which creates personalised City Guide videos automatically for customers.  Brands could target those waiting in departure lounges with display ads, or those already on holiday with well timed e-marketing.



 Digital Postcards



People love sharing their holiday snaps, and social media is awash with hotdog legs and sunnie-selfies. What if you could incorporate that great social proof into highly shareable branded videos? With a Digital Postcard you could!


How about simply letting your customers know that by using a particular Hashtag, they are submitting their pictures to be turned into a personalised video? With the click of a button, brands could capitalise on UGC by turning a few pictures into a personalised video that could be retweeted to reach thousands more potential customers.




Make It Personal



EchoMany is a Video Personalisation Platform that allows you to dynamically embed user data into highly engaging and creative video templates. Plugging into Twitter, Facebook, Messenger or E-Marketing campaigns quickly and easily, EchoMany can pull almost any data or media into a video, personalising it in a myriad of different ways.


Whether you want to incorporate CRM Customer Data, Public Profile data from Twitter or Facebook, UGC or Messenger Bot responses, EchoMany can work with you to build and design a campaign that improves return on investment, reduces cost per engagement and drives positive brand awareness.


Our highly creative team of strategists, designers and developers are ready and waiting to help you ‘Make It Personal’ – so get in touch to find out more.