3 ways Retailers can engage with shoppers in 2018

3 ways Retailers can engage with shoppers in 2018


With 2018 in full swing and Blue Monday behind us, many marketers are well underway with plans for the rest of the year – but are they utilising the most effective strategies and focussing on the most innovative techniques?  Retailers can guarantee they maximise their opportunity to attract, retain and delight customers throughout the year with these simple campaigns;




Some retailers are utilising personalisation to push product sales, e.g. Ugg chose to incorporate personalised videos into a Facebook Messenger Bot for a Christmas Wishlist campaign. This encouraged their fans to post a “Hint” video of the Ugg Boots they wanted to be bought for Christmas.


The commercial conversion results of the campaign were fantastic, with 38% of videos created resulting in a user clicking “Buy Now” and being linked through to the Ugg e-commerce website. Additionally, 34% of visits to the video landing page resulted in the personalised video being shared or downloaded. See the full case study here.


Retailers could incorporate a similar campaign into their standard customer communications, around all special occasions. Valentine’s Day, seasonal promotions, customer birthdays and special events could all provide opportunities to engage users with a ‘Wishlist Bot’, allowing you to gather customer preferences and target them with personalised, shareable content.



Event & Product Launches


Ideally, we all want to make our marketing spend work that little bit harder. For Missguided, one simple way to amplify their #NaughtyList campaign was to deliver personalised videos to anyone signing up on Twitter to find out when a secret sale date was announced. See the full case study here.


In the lead up to the sale, organic amplification encouraged 400+% tweet engagement increases. On the day of the sale, MissGuided.co.uk cracked under the strain of so many users trying to get online at once, forcing them to extend both the personalisation campaign and the sale in order to give everyone caught in the backlog a chance to take advantage of the deal. In total, 44% of all personalised videos were liked, and the campaign garnered over 1.2 million impressions from just 3 call-to-action posts.


For retailers, any event or product launches could be amplified with similar success. Simply encourage customers to engage with your own “Retweet to Remind” campaigns, but maximise the reach of the campaign by ensuring their reminders come in the form of a fun and highly shareable personalised video.


Gamification & Giveaways


Making a competition or voucher campaign fun or sharable isn’t always an easy task, which is why Pizza Express have opted to go the personalisation route for 4 of their recent competitions and giveaways!


More recently for their “Pick a Passata” campaign, entry was via a Messenger Bot, accessible through a scannable Messenger QR code on leaflets in restaurant. Users could pick which Passata tin they wanted to overturn, in the hopes of finding a sneaky doughball hiding underneath. Finding doughballs meant winning freebies, as well as gaining entry into a larger competition. To see the full case study, click here for Pick a Passata or here for their Christmas “Shake The Tree” campaign.


For retailers, all competition entrants on Twitter or Facebook could automatically receive native, personalised video replies to let them know if they’ve won, to wish them luck, or to simply confirm receipt of their entry. Alternatively, competitions could be built around a gamified video mechanic, like Pizza Express. The creative ways video personalisation can be tailored to this type of campaign are endless!



Make It Personal


EchoMany is a Video Personalisation Platform that allows you to dynamically embed user data into highly engaging and creative video templates. Plugging into Twitter, Facebook, Messenger or E-Marketing campaigns quickly and easily, EchoMany can pull almost any data or media into a video, personalising it in a myriad of different ways.


Whether you want to incorporate CRM Customer Data, Public Profile data from Twitter or Facebook, UGC or Messenger Bot responses, EchoMany can work with you to build and design a campaign that improves return on investment, reduces cost per engagement and drives positive brand awareness.


Our highly creative team of strategists, designers and developers are ready and waiting to help you ‘Make It Personal’ – so get in touch to find out more.