Automatic & Instant

Make it Personal


EchoMany’s team of personalisation experts can consult, strategise and advise on the best way for you to run a hassle-free automated campaign. Protect your brand integrity with advanced exclusion criteria, vary your responses with tiered personalisation levels and capitalise on intent-based engagement by rewarding your fans with highly sharable personalised rich media content.

Activation Options

Fans could ‘Retweet to Remind’, Sign-up, click Conversational Ads, use #Hashtags, fill in a form… Any of these actions and more could initiate an automatic personalised reply.

Tiered Personalisation

Automatically categorise fans based on follower count, keyword usage, bio content or behaviour to deliver different personalised assets to each subset.

Real-time Responses

After EchoMany automatically detects fan interaction, it renders personalised assets live in the cloud and delivers them back as native replies in a matter of minutes.

Reward Loyalty

Turn your most loyal customers into your brand ambassadors by thanking them publicly with personalised rich-media rewards they’ll love to share.

Example Campaigns