Chatbot Conversations

Engage Your Fans, 1-2-1


EchoMany’s integration with Messenger Chatbots is revolutionising the way brands gather and utilise rich, in-the-moment data from their fans. Whether as a tool or a toy, EchoMany Chatbots engage fans in conversations that gather deeper insights to deliver more relevant personalisation – without seeming intrusive. Build stronger, lasting connections and precise, specific data sets for future marketing opportunities.

Limitless Executions

Host a competition, offer customer service, give recommendations and advice, create wishlists, run a game or a questionnaire… The options are endless and can be designed around your KPI metrics.

Hyper Personalisation

Stitch together a different medley of clips for each personalised video based on profile data or unique, individual fan responses to your chatbot’s interactions – and incorporate any public data, from profile information to user generated content like comments or photos.

Freedom to Follow Up

Achieve results beyond the initial engagement by opening up your fans to ongoing content – delivered conversationally as replies within the same Messenger Chat to all fans still opting to interact.



Listen and Learn

Ask the right questions and you can collect all kinds of data from your fans all of which can be used to create ever more targetted campaigns and adverts in the future. As your insight deepens, so will the relevance of the content you’re delivering and the loyalty of the fans you’re engaging.

Example Campaigns