Christmas Hint

UGG | Messenger


of EchoMany videos were shared or downloaded


of videos created resulted in a user clicking "Buy Now"

The Campaign


To push Christmas product sales, Ugg chose to incorporate EchoMany’s Facebook Messenger Bot execution into their Christmas 2016 Wishlist campaign, to encourage fans to post a “Hint” video of the Ugg Boots they want to be bought for Christmas.

How It Worked

A pinned Call-to-Action post on Facebook linked users through to Messenger

A series of simple questions, incorporating image and button carousels – invited users to select their favourite pair of Ugg boots.

Users were then asked to upload an image of the person that they wanted to buy them their pair of Ugg boots for Christmas

EchoMany then automatically rendered a video, dynamically personalised with the uploaded picture and shoe choice. This was sent natively within Messenger, and included share options. When shared, the post also included a link to the e-commerce website for the target to purchase the specified Uggs.

What We Created


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