London to Brighton Bike Ride

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The Campaign


The British Heart Foundation’s “London to Brighton” is Europe’s oldest Charity Bike Ride, and held on June 18th 2017.  In the months leading up to the ride, the BHF opened the sign-up form on their website.


EchoMany was able to match this CRM data with Just Giving ID’s in order to access fundraisers’ Just Giving public profile data – pulling through their profile picture, fundraising targets, progress towards their target and their most recent donors. This was then dynamically embedded into videos, which were hosted on landing pages along with share and download buttons for social media.


BHF were then able to e-mail fundraisers with messages of encouragement and link them through to their personalised video, which they could share to drive awareness of their fundraising.  BHF also ran a curated campaign on Twitter in the days following the ride, so that personalised replies could be sent to congratulate riders posting about completing the race, or hitting their fundraising targets.

How It Worked

BHF captures sign up data from a web-based form and supplies EchoMany with this information

EchoMany matches users to Just Giving profiles and pulls through data to dynamically embed donor and target information into videos, along with BHF user data.

BHF sends out an e-mail with a link to these personalised videos, each of which is hosted on it’s own unique landing page with various share/download options. Two different videos can be generated, one for fundraisers with little or no donations and one for those that are nearing their targets, to further target their approach.

During and after the race, BHF also had a curated Twitter campaign running with EchoMany – to provide personalised ‘Congratulations” videos to people tweeting that they had completed the race, or hit their fundraising targets.

What We Created


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EchoMany is delivering ‘firsts’ within its industry as well as for its clients by adopting a creative-led approach. Creative ideas, innovative application of data and unique platform integrations have ensured ground-breaking and newsworthy campaigns for Fox, Pizza Express, Cancer Research, National Lottery and many others. EchoMany’s creative expertise in delivering highly personalised videos consistently achieves outstanding results for clients, exceeding expectations with key campaign metrics regularly seeing triple-digit improvements versus standard campaigns.


EchoMany provides data and insight that can be acted upon in real-time ensuring that personalised video campaigns are a valuable part of the customer journey. We are proud to be defined as software with a service. Get in touch if you’d like more information about our campaigns for BHF!