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The Campaign


BHF’s third EchoMany campaign launched in support of their activity around ‘My Marathon’, an event that encouraged fundraisers to run the 26+ miles of a Marathon in their own time at their own pace over any number of days for sponsorship.


Users tweeting using the #MyMarathon hashtag could be selected to be rewarded with an uber-personalised asset, with the BHF social team being able to even personalise the text within each video.


How It Worked

@theBHF social media team logs into the online EchoMany Platform Dashboard, which links into their official Twitter account via API

Tweets with the #MyMarathon hashtag are automatically pulled through to the dashboard via live-stream or advanced search.

@theBHF’s social media team hand selects which Tweets they want to receive a personalised reply, specify what personalised text they want to appear midway through the clip and generate their video reply live and in real time

Each video is dynamically personalised with the users’ profile picture and name, but EchoMany could also pull through a posted picture if one exists and the social team can alter the wording in the video. Then EchoMany automatically sends the video from the platform dashboard as a native Twitter reply.

What We Created


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EchoMany is delivering ‘firsts’ within its industry as well as for its clients by adopting a creative-led approach. Creative ideas, innovative application of data and unique platform integrations have ensured ground-breaking and newsworthy campaigns for Fox, Pizza Express, Cancer Research, National Lottery and many others. EchoMany’s creative expertise in delivering highly personalised videos consistently achieves outstanding results for clients, exceeding expectations with key campaign metrics regularly seeing triple-digit improvements versus standard campaigns.


EchoMany provides data and insight that can be acted upon in real-time ensuring that personalised video campaigns are a valuable part of the customer journey. We are proud to be defined as software with a service. Get in touch if you’d like more information about our campaigns!