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increase in Tweet engagement after "Reminder is Set"


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increase in Tweet engagement after "Here's Your Reminder"

The Campaign


UKTV broadcasts a number of highly popular shows with huge fan followings and they wanted to capitalise on the great UGC and Mentions those shows receive online. For this Suits campaign, season 6 was returning from it’s mid-season break and fan excitement was extremely high, as the last episode had ended on a cliffhanger.


UKTV wanted to craft a personalisation campaign around Suit’s unique audience to help build awareness, surprise, delight and reward fans – but a key focus was also to remind fans to watch. EchoMany recommended 2 separate campaigns; One ‘Retweet To Remind’ and one targeted, curated fan-listening campaign.

How It Worked

Suits was our first ever “Retweet to Remind” campaign. Retweeting a call to action post resulted in a “Your Reminder Is Set” personalised image being returned, incorporating the fans’ name. This process was entirely automated.

Later, on the day that the show aired, users would receive their personalised reminder – again including their name. These too were entirely automated through the EchoMany system, and would be either a picture or a video depending on the fans’ follower count.

A second, curated ‘Suits’ campaign launched one week later, pulling a live feed of #Suits engagement from Twitter into the EchoMany dashboard so that the social media team could hand-pick which Tweets to respond to.

Multiple show assets were overlaid with character quotes, so the social media team could individually select an image that appropriately responded to the initial fan Tweet from a dropdown menu in the dashboard. They could also tailor the Tweet copy for each individual reply, making every single one unique.

EchoMany automatically personalised the quote image with the fan’s name, and replied natively from the official Dave account with the specified reply copy.

What We Created


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EchoMany is delivering ‘firsts’ within its industry as well as for its clients by adopting a creative-led approach. Creative ideas, innovative application of data and unique platform integrations have ensured ground-breaking and newsworthy campaigns for Fox, Pizza Express, Cancer Research, National Lottery and many others. EchoMany’s creative expertise in delivering highly personalised videos consistently achieves outstanding results for clients, exceeding expectations with key campaign metrics regularly seeing triple-digit improvements versus standard campaigns.


EchoMany provides data and insight that can be acted upon in real-time ensuring that personalised video campaigns are a valuable part of the customer journey. We are proud to be defined as software with a service. If you’d like to know more about this or any other campaigns, please get in touch!