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The Campaign


Cadbury’s Dairy Milk was running a campaign called ‘Tastes Like This Feels’, using fun and quirky metaphors to describe the ‘wonderful feeling’ you get when eating a bar of Dairy Milk. As well as releasing videos online of pop-up events up and down the country, Cadbury wanted to give their online fans their own ‘air-punching, smile-spreading, big-whooping winners’ feeling’ by offering them a chance to win a free bar of chocolate.


Partnering with EchoMany for our first ever Facebook campaign, they decided upon an arcade-style claw grabber machine mechanic, with EchoMany creating a video personalised with both the fans’ name – but also their unique directions to the claw grabber!

How It Worked

A call to action post on the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Facebook page instructs fans with an explainer video, asking them to use the hashtage #Right, #Forward and #Grab to direct the claw grabber in a comment on the post.

EchoMany pulls through these comments, recognises the hashtags and automatically selects one of the 16 potential videos to represent their chosen move, and randomly selecting whether they won or lost. This is then sent back as a native reply comment – along with instructions on how to claim the free chocolate bar if the user is a winner

EchoMany recognises incorrect entries (e.g. using #Left or #Back, no spaces, spaces in the wrong place) and automatically replies with an “Oops!” message and recommending that the user review the instruction video.

Links provided direct the user to a website where they can download a voucher to be used in store – the links are unique to each winner and cannot be replicated or accessed by non-winners

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EchoMany is delivering ‘firsts’ within its industry as well as for its clients by adopting a creative-led approach. Creative ideas, innovative application of data and unique platform integrations have ensured ground-breaking and newsworthy campaigns for Fox, Pizza Express, Cancer Research, National Lottery and many others. EchoMany’s creative expertise in delivering highly personalised videos consistently achieves outstanding results for clients, exceeding expectations with key campaign metrics regularly seeing triple-digit improvements versus standard campaigns.


EchoMany provides data and insight that can be acted upon in real-time ensuring that personalised video campaigns are a valuable part of the customer journey. We are proud to be defined as software with a service. For more information about this campaign or others, please get in touch!