The platform

What to expect from an EchoMany campaign


When the message really matters, the EchoMany platform delivers real-time personalised video content to build emotional connections between brands and consumers. Building upon live social conversations, EchoMany’s innovative technology and creative team enable brands to personally engage with its audiences.

Genuine 1-2-1 engagement with your audience

On average, our campaigns typically deliver +350% Account Engagement Increase

Amplifies your marketing campaign

On average, EchoMany campaigns typically deliver +540% Impression Amplification

Encourages video view-through rates

On average, EchoMany videos typically encourage +33% VTR

Better return on media investment

On average, EchoMany campaigns can save 60% on your Cost Per Engagement

EchoMany’s unique offering, combining its market-leading video personalisation platform with an innovative, creative team enables it to deliver incredible results for some of the top international brands. The combination of EchoMany’s creative expertise and highly personalised video, consistently delivers outstanding results for clients, exceeding expectations.


If you’d like to see how EchoMany could deliver these results for your campaigns, get in touch!